Have Questions? Barbara has answers!

What if I’m not happy after the first session?

If you’re happy during our free 15-minute consultation, you’ll be happy with the rest of the approach.

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand people’s lives are complicated and busy and sometimes sessions may need to be cancelled and rescheduled. However, I’ve learned from experience that The Approach is most effective when completed within a six-week period.

How long are the sessions?

One hour and if they go over, that’s all right.

Will you connect me with people that I need to meet for my career?

Since I work with so many incredible people, my clients often connect with each other.

What happens when I finish the three sessions of The Approach?

I offer groups in Los Angeles as well as tele-coaching for out-of-towners.

What if I’m not in show business?

Everything that I do relates to you and whatever field you’re in. The tools are classic and can be applied in any situation in any field. I just happen to live in Hollywood.

Do you work with teens?

I don’t but I can refer you to someone who does. I considered my age range for clients from 20 to 100.

Can I record the sessions?


Are you available for e-mail or telephone check-ins during the process?


Phone: (818) 508-9096 Email: barbara@bdapproach.com


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