Examining Who You Think You Are

There is a difference between dreams and fantasies. Dreams can come true with work. Fantasies never will without it. First, we will discover if your goal is the former or the latter. If it is a fantasy, we will come up with the actual dream. With that knowledge, together we'll explore the blocks that are preventing this dream from becoming your new reality. This is self-examination with a personal guide and at the end of this session you will have an achievable dream. There will be actions to take and homework to work on. 


Discovering The Real You

Who we think we are and who we actually are sometimes don't match. We can be pretty hard on ourselves, especially when we feel things are not going as they should. This is where your homework comes in. You will be asked to connect with people close to you--friends, colleagues, family—and ask them a set of questions. We will learn how others perceive you. I like to call this Finding Your Competitive Edge. That’s the practical part. Surprisingly, when we go for our dreams, we don't always use that edge. In this session, we will put together who you really are and how to use that information to your best advantage. We will role play scenarios that will come up as you strive for results.

I will help you transform your career one thought at a time.

There's a difference between who we think we are, who we actually are and what we can become. That disconnect can lead to frustration and hinder your ability to achieve the best you possible. Using the Barbara Deutsch Approach, in three easy sessions, we will examine the three phases of you, coming up with a system that allows you to attain the level of success you deserve faster!

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