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Questions for Barbara? Let’s get to know each other - like speed dating for your career. 

  • 15 min Free Consultation

3 Rounds to a Knockout Life



Barbara Deutsch - working her magic.

Welcome to The Approach!

In 3 knock-out sessions, we will examine the different stages of you, coming up with a game plan that allows you to attain a level of success you deserve faster!


Bring your big challenges and your bigger dreams to the table. Throw it all down and let’s see what we’ve got? 


I’ll take the pieces of who you are and build you a rock-solid approach that will allow you to thrive when the stakes are high. 

Session One - Warm Up to How You Got Here

Session Two - Bring to Light Your True Objective

Session Three - Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!




You’ve got your plan from The Approach.

Looks good on paper, right? Now, we need to bring the drawing to life. I’ll bring the magic. That’s what the weekly sessions are all about. 


These group sessions are where you will take actionable steps to continually build and develop your career. I will coach you through the ups and downs and keep you on track to get results without losing yourself in the process.  You get to be a fly on the wall and learn other ideas and processes from a strong community of creatives. It’s not a free-for-all. I’m the only coach. 


Let’s keep the momentum up and build beyond your dreams!


Weekly Group Session Available Times

(*groups capped at 5 people MAX)

Tuesday @ 1:00pm

Wednesday @ 3:00pm

(all times are PST)

$349 USD/month

**Barbara will consider Ongoing Privates on a case by case basis. Please contact for more details.**


PRIVATE: 3 Sessions One-on-One with Barbara - $649

"I know that after a certain point, people forget what they believe in and what they intended to do.

They become hindered by society and the way things should be done.

If their fear and anxiety were removed, they would intuitively remember what the dream was. 

Under coats of protective behavior and years of concern lies a simple path but it takes courage to walk down."

~ Barbara Deutsch ~

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